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FOX News
Mar 5, 2011 3:00am EST
of the chevy volt. they said it would save the planet and never trusted seth. the february sales numbers are in and they are amazing. yes, the chevy sold a massive 281 volts in the entire month. that's like three a day. that's one for every person who watches parker spitzer. >> top speed. >> only 67 people bought nissan's electric car, the leaf, in the same month. that's a bright spot. the qors news for chevy is volt sales are down from january when they sold a whooping 321 of them. chevy scheduled a production run of 60,000 volts which now was cut to 10,000. as jonathon last points out, since the government gives a $7500 credit to the freaks that buy these cars, the fact that sales are sucky means less of your money is going to the freaks that buy these cars. i now told we have tape of a satisfied volt owner. >> that was a child in a dog costumes. >> that looked like a real dog. good job child in a dog costumes. >> we might actually end up having an entire race of dogs who can drive us places. >> that thing was going faster than the volt. >> is this true that the government should stay
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1